Hiking route 'Calm, calf and compass'

Experience the outskirts of Zeewolde at full length with a 9 kilometre hike at the bottom of the former Zuyder Zee! Enjoy the nature and the peace in the Horsterwold. Clear your head while walking past the farmland and enjoy the authentic view of Flevoland. Also think about how the past generation of farmers started here, on the bare land. Taste the flavour of Zeewolde with several local products, directly from the farm for you, to enjoy on your way home.



The start and ending of this hike is on the farmyard of the ‘Boeren Pitstop’. You can get the booklet with the route and the facts here by yourself, for 5 euros. You can pay with cash, by putting it in the boot or in the cash basket, or you can pay digitally by scanning the QR-code with the camera of your phone in the farm shop.


Practical tips for during your hike

The hike is for adventurous hikers. Part of the hike goes over unpaved soil. Put on hiking shoes or boots, because the forest can be muddy. Wear trousers to ensure that your legs won’t get touched by plants that could cause skin irritation. Make sure to check yourself for ticks after your hike and if needed, remove them as quickly as possible.

Dogs can walk with you on the trail, as long as they’re wearing a leash. The forest is accessible until dusk. You walk this route at your own risk.